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'I have a boyfriend'

Is a pretty clear ‘go flirt elsewhere’. So tired of this idea that you have to push past that. If a girl says no to sex then you don’t continue to pressure her into it, likewise when a girl responds to your flirting with anything along the lines of not interested then stop.

Seduction sites are so creepy, they seem more about using psychology and shit to get girls into bed. If you’re trying to trick a girl into bed with you then you’re probably a creep.

I’m not saying you can’t flirt or pull women. I’m just saying do it with your own merits and personality instead of playing some stupid mind games.

Back to the boyfriend thing, yeah it can be an excuse, maybe they don’t have one? Maybe they are lying to put you off? Well that still doesn’t mean you should plow ahead with your clumsy lines and corny jokes. They are sending out a clear uninterested message, they want you to leave them alone.

Yes, some girls might turn around after that line whether they have one or not. Whether they are playing hard to get or they don’t care about their boyfriend and just want to flirt with strangers (right in my feels :c), you should still stop.

It’s important for both sides to be able to exit a conversation at any time. People should be able to go to bars and have a good time without having 5 sweaty men spending the night trying to get on them because they think the boyfriend line is just playing hard to get.

None of this makes sense probably, I just woke up and saw something on Reddit that pissed me off.

This goes both ways though, if a guy says he has a partner then people should not continue to flirt. Also please just pretend I used gender neutral terms above. And the same applies regardless of sexuality.

Also if you hit on someones partner then you are a dick.

Also if someone says the partner line but goes on to explain that they are okay with continuing then that’s most likely cool, assuming situations like open relationships or similar.

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